Photo of Flisvos Royal pool

Flisvos Hotels - COVID19 Information

COVID-19 Announcement

In Flisvos Hotels we adapt our operation considering the new Safety standards & Hygiene protocols..

Main measures & procedures:
Check out time will be at 11am and check in will be at 3pm in order to have additional time for the thorough cleaning of the rooms.

Every additional not basic equipment like magazines,decoration pillows & covers will be removed.

A disinfection team is being formed in each hotel, that will supervise the cleaning of the rooms and will specialize in cleaning rooms with suspicious or confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Breakfast will be served exclusively from the restaurant staff.
For that reason, additional safety measures will be introduced which must be followed by both guests & employees. Breakfast 7:00-11:00 & lunch 13:00-17:00 operating hours will available due to the reduced capacity of the restaurants. In addition, the hands' disinfection will be mandatory upon entry. Temperature control will be even stricter. The tables will be covered with disposable tablecloths and cutlery will be on the tables. Cutlery will be replaced with increased frequency and strict hygiene and distance measures will be applied by employees.

The cleaning and disinfection of the pool is completed with automatic machines.

The management of Flisvos Hotels is committed to the full adoption of the Greek health protocol for the operation of hotels.