The incredible beach of Tolo

Tolon, is indeed a small, but beautiful town stretched along a beautiful sandy beach, a perfect choice for a truly unforgettable vacation. In the town, you will find everything you need to appreciate your precious holidays. There are shops where you can find everything from jewellery to beach apparel, lots of restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Greek dishes, and a number of cafes, and night clubs all within walking distance.

In the surrounding area one can find places with high archaeological interest like Nafplion, Argos (Europe's most ancient town), famous Mycenae and Epidavros with the unique and well-known ancient theatre. On top of that there is plenty of nightlife in the nearby city of Nafplion, to please even the most demanding clubber.

We could say so much more about Tolo, but we prefer to let you discover it! Make sure you check out the Tolon photo gallery to feel the beauty of this place. We also have an interesting section with photos of all nearby places you might want to visit.


Telephone numbers
Country code : 0030
Area code : 27520
Police : 28131
Taxis : 27520 24720
KTEL buses : 27323
Nafpion Hospital : 98100, 27309, 26894
Tolon Health Center : 59724
Fire Brigade : 22199
Weather Forecast : 149 (no area code)

Nafplion : 8 Km
Argos : 20 Km
Mycenae : 26 Km
Epidavros : 28 Km
Athens : 116 Km
Athens Airport : 130 Km

The incredible summer sky of Tolo


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